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Methadone is a synthetic opioid.  It was developed in Germany in 1937. It is a pain relief drug that is grouped with similar drugs known as opioids. Like morphine, it is often used when treating heroin addicts or other opioid addicts. When used to treat narcotic dependence and withdrawal, Methadone helps the addict bypass the intense withdrawal symptoms which might otherwise result in relapse. It is usually taken once a day and will suppress withdrawal symptoms for a day or so.

This Also Carries A Risk For Addiction

MethadoneWhen used as an addiction treatment, it can reduce cravings that are associated with the use of heroin or other opioids, and it helps block the ability to get high if the addict attempts to use heroin while taking Methadone. In time, a client will be healthy enough to quit using Methadone, but coming off the drug must be done in a gradual process. During the time the individual is on Methadone and while attempting to come off of it, they must be carefully monitored by medical professionals to avoid any potential problems.

As with other opioids, Methadone carries a risk for addiction. It is difficult to determine whether the risks outweigh the benefits, and this method of drug treatment is still a matter of controversy among many treatment professionals. The best option when selecting a treatment program is to choose one that you believe fits your needs. If you prefer a non-traditional, medication-free treatment program, we can help refer a safe, natural, professionally supervised detoxification process that utilizes meditation, massage therapy, aromatherapy, exercise, sauna, nutrition, and vitamin therapy.  Many treatment centers today offer acupuncture also.

Let Us Help You Through Detoxification

Detoxification is never easy, but we will make all attempts to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during this challenging time. Our compassionate, caring staff will be on hand to take care of any issues which may arise during this process.

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