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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription drug addiction treatment needs to be done at an inpatient rehab center. Most people avoid getting the treatment they need forPrescription Drug Addiction Treatment prescription drug addiction because they are afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. At an inpatient facility, you can minimize the discomfort and withdrawal symptoms. You can also receive the one-on-one treatment you need to break your addiction.

Symptoms of Addiction

How serious is prescription drug addiction? The leading substances of prescription drug overdoses are from Xanax, Oxycodone, OxyContin, Percocet, Hydrocodone, and Roxicodone.

Symptoms of addiction:

  • Mood swings – A user can be passive or withdrawn one minute and angry or hostile the next.
  • Tendency to manipulate, making excuses for failure, etc.
  • Change in dress and friends, deterioration of personal appearance and hygiene.
  • Anxious behavior, chronic uneven movements, jittery, fearfulness, compulsiveness.
  • Personality changes, a normal energetic person becomes depressed and unsocial.
  • Overly emotional, depressed, hostile, angry, or unusually happy.
  • Withdraws from family activities.

Prescription painkillers and other prescription drugs help many people to live more productive lives, freeing them from symptoms of a medical condition, but that is only when they are prescribed for that individual to treat a specific condition. Prescription drug abuse is growing at an alarming rate in the United States. According to a national survey on drug use in 2004, more than 6.3 million Americans reported current prescription drug use for nonmedical reasons in the previous year.

Drug Addiction Treatment May Save Your Life

Overdosing is not the only way drugs can kill. It can be risky to take certain medications or drugs together. The chances that someone will commit a crime, be a victim of a crime, or have an accident is higher when a person is abusing drugs, whether they are using prescribed drugs or street drugs. Using prescription drugs for the wrong reasons can have serious effects on a person’s health. Opioid abuse can lead to mood changes, vomiting, loss of cognitive function, decreased respiratory function, coma, or even death. Abusing stimulants may cause seizures, heart failure, irregular heart beat, or a dangerously high body temperature. However, the most common result of prescription drug abuse is addiction.

Give your loved one the chance to receive prescription drug addiction treatment at a rehabilitation center. There are different facilities and most have a 24 hour addiction hotline manned with trained counselors.

Withdrawal from prescription medications is painful and can be dangerous to your health. That is why it is important to be at an inpatient facility where a nurse or doctor can monitor you the entire time. A prescription drug addiction treatment program helps you stabilize physically. Support system staff helps you to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

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A prescription drug rehab facility can help clients to manage chronic pain on their own, without relying on their medications. Some people live completely pain free. A full recovery depends on a perfect blend of several different treatment programs for each individual client. Prescription drug addiction treatment programs are decided the moment the client enters a facility. Their addiction needs are assessed and a prescription drug addiction treatment program is designed accordingly.

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