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Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is offered to individuals who are in need of short-term or long-term treatment for their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Residential treatment is the live-in addiction treatment program that helps an addict escape from their daily trials and temptations to attend one month (short-term) to up to a year (long- term) of treatment. A residential treatment center has a homelike environment with serene surroundings. A residential treatment center offers a safe atmosphere for rehabilitation. These centers have caring compassionate staff members on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take care of any needs of the client.

Length of Stay in Treatment

Residential TreatmentOn average, recovering addicts that enter into residential treatment remain inside of the facility for four months. While inside of a residential treatment program, the recovering addict will go through a series of programs where they will learn about their addiction and how to handle their life outside of the treatment facility.

These programs include:

  • Individual Counseling – helps the recovering addict talk one-on-one with an addiction treatment counselor. They gain a better understanding of why addiction may have come into their life and will be able to work out the problems that they are struggling with through one-on-one communication. This stage of treatment is also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
  • Behavior Modification Therapy – The recovering addict will go through daily classes and seminars where he or she will learn how to manage their life and their addiction. They will learn ways to avoid temptation from their addiction, and they will also learn how to maintain a normal lifestyle without drugs or alcohol present.
  • Group Therapy – The client will attend group meetings with their peers where they will discuss their feelings and concerns with each other.  They will also share experiences they have had with drug or alcohol addiction.  In group therapy, the clients offer encouragement and support to others and receive the same from them.

Highest Success Rates

Residential treatment is the most highly recommended treatment program for people dealing with any severity of addiction. As a result of the constant interactions with other recovering addicts and the guidance from trained addiction professionals, residential treatment has an outstanding success rate.

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