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What is Addiction?

What is addiction? Addiction is marked by an overwhelming and compulsive desire to ingest or partake in a substance or activity. Alcohol, drugs What is Addiction?(legal or illegal), sex, food, shopping, and gambling are some of the more common addictions people struggle with. Professional help is strongly suggested when the need to partake in a substance or activity interferes with daily life.

Addiction is A Serious Problem

Addictions, particularly those to drugs or alcohol, are serious illnesses. They bring the risk of serious medical complications, including death. Fortunately, drug and alcohol addictions are responsive to medical treatment. An alcohol or drug detox program may be prescribed as the first step of recovery. The detox period should be medically supervised, as withdrawal symptoms are common. A rehabilitation program is usually recommended. Inpatient and outpatient programs are both available. An addiction counselor can help you find the right program for your situation.

An addiction to activities can also be dangerous to your emotional, social, and financial well-being. Therapy and support groups can help you come to terms with your problem behaviors and develop tools for overcoming them. It is important to be truthful with yourself and others in order to change.

It Can Be Difficult to Admit We Have Problem Behaviors to Ourselves

 Here are some signs that you may have an addiction:

  • Do you need to participate in the activity more often than you did before to feel the same results?
  • Do you sometimes lose control and take/do more than you intended?
  • Do you think about it frequently?
  • Have you skipped work, school, or social obligations because of it?

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