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Alcohol Treatment ProgramsIf there’s one thing harder than admitting that you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs, it’s finding the addiction or alcohol treatment programs that will actually work. What many people fail to realize is that even the most successful drug and alcohol treatment programs don’t work for every single addict. The success rate of a program is only one part of what you should be looking for. Don’t worry—being overwhelmed by the number of programs available is quite common. That’s where the 4Rehabilitation placement staff comes in.

Suitability of Treatment Programs

Perhaps more important a question than “Does this alcohol and drug treatment program work for most addicts?” is “Will this program work for me or my loved one?” All of the reputable and thoroughly verified alcohol drug treatment programs that the 4Rehabilitation placement staff recommends enjoy impressive success rates—but more importantly, we know when they will work for certain types of individuals.

For example, one program might boast a 70% success rate, but we recommend a program with a 60% success rate to you or your loved one. What accounts for the 40% failure rate? Mismatched addicts who would have done better in another type of program. We might think you or your loved one would find success best in an inpatient program where you or they can shut out all distractions and work on weaning off addiction, whereas another addict might do best in an outpatient environment. Addicts who do not reach out to the expert placement services of 4Rehabilitation are far more likely to start off in the wrong environment for them because they look at factors such as success rates alone. So call toll-free or complete our online assessment now — it’s free!

Other Alcohol and Drug Treatment Factors

Of course, that’s not to say that alcohol treatment programs should not have impressive success rates. If a program boasts a minuscule success rate, we have to take a close look at whether or not the program itself or mismatched clients is the primary cause of the failure. We’d rather err on the side of caution and recommend only programs that we believe have the full potential to help addicts in need. We also research each program to make sure that it’s fully licensed and endowed as necessary.

Feedback from the addicts and families we’ve helped, as well as effective communication with the alcohol treatment providers also helps us make a recommendation. You can rely on 4Rehabilitation to do the grunt work for you. We’re an HIPAA compliant service available to all addicts and their families.

Finding The Right Treatment Programs

The number of addicts who get over their addiction problems without any help is virtually zero. There’s no shame in reaching out to alcohol treatment programs for help — and there’s no shame in reaching out to professionals with experience in matching each addict with the drug or alcohol treatment program that works best for them as an individual. You have nothing to lose by taking our free assessment for yourself or for someone you love. Remember, your best chance of finding that perfect program is with professional assistance!

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