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Effects of Alcoholism

There are strong effects of alcoholism. Some of these effects are short-term and others are long-term. A decreased level of judgment and also a decreased level of reaction time and alertness is a short-term negative effect of alcoholism. Vision and perception can also be altered.  One can become verbally argumentative, and one can even become emotionally irrational when drinking alcohol.  This is not uncommon in alcoholics.

Effects of Alcoholism

Short-term and Long-term Effects

Other negative short-term effects of alcoholism are that one can become nauseated, begin vomiting, begin to stumble and even fall, and one can also become unaware of his or her surroundings. There is also a long-term negative effect of alcoholism. Alcoholic liver disease is the most common of the long-term effects of alcoholism. Immune system suppression, gastrointestinal problems, and mental disorders are also a few long-term effects of alcoholism. With immune system suppression, the individual has a poor immune system and is more likely to become sick. Gastrointestinal problems associated with alcoholism are most commonly hemorrhoids and diarrhea. Mental disorders are also a common effect of alcoholism; these include depression and anxiety disorders.

All Effects Are Dangerous

There are also several different types of cancer that have been linked as being an effect of alcoholism. Some of these cancers are pharynx, larynx, mouth, breast, liver, lung, esophagus, gastric, pancreatic, urinary tract, prostate, and brain. Alcoholism also increases the risk for obtaining ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia. Yet another negative effect of alcoholism is malnutrition.  Drinking alcohol has affected the ability of vitamins being absorbed in the body such as vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Other effects of alcoholism can include the chance of different birth defects such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, low birth weight, and even mental retardation.

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