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Signs of Alcoholism

There are many signs of alcoholism, and some of these signs are common with all alcohol abusers. Other signs are not as common and only a select few alcohol abusers show these signs.Signs of Alcoholism

A few of the signs are:

  • Repeatedly neglecting important tasks in life
  • Using alcohol in situations that are or could become dangerous
  • Getting into legal trouble numerous times due to alcohol
  • Continuing to drink alcohol even though it may have a negative effect on your life
  • Drinking to relax or to relieve stress

All of these signs are common signs of alcoholism.

The Dangers Associated With Alcohol

When one is experiencing alcoholism, the individual may repeatedly neglect important tasks in life such as work, children, or tasks that need to be accomplished at home. Using alcohol in situations that could become dangerous pertains to drinking and driving, or drinking and using any kind of machinery that could potentially become harmful if not used correctly. An individual getting into legal trouble numerous times due to alcohol would pertain to one being arrested for things such as violence due to drinking alcohol, public intoxication, driving while under the influence, etc.

Continuing to drink alcohol even though it may have a negative effect on your life, can involve situations such as losing loved ones or friends due to your drinking alcohol, losing your job, or even losing your home. The most dangerous sign of alcoholism is drinking to relax or relieve stress. Once an individual begins using alcohol as a means of relaxing and relieving stress, the individual begins needing a drink every day. Addicts will crave alcohol beverages after work, after school, and throughout the day.  They will begin to feel like they are not capable of relaxing or relieving stress without drinking alcohol.

Other signs of alcoholism include secretive behavior, drinking more than intended, telling lies to justify the drinking habits, drinking alone, missing school or work, loss of interest in personal hygiene, drastic changes in weight, violent outbursts or physical combativeness, depression, and poor health.

Get Help If You Notice These Signs in Yourself or A Loved One

If you or someone you love has developed signs of alcoholism, take steps today to get treatment before the problems get worse and harder to overcome.  Alcoholism can be deadly.

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