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Symptoms of Alcoholism

There are several different symptoms of alcoholism. The main symptom is the individual continuing to use alcohol even after it has caused repetitive negative effects in his or her life, whether these negative effects are physical, mental, or emotional. Sometimes these negative effects can be an individual losing his or her job, ruining relationships, and also having poor health due to drinking.

Some Symptoms Are More Obvious Than Others

Symptoms of AlcoholismA few other symptoms of alcoholism include neglecting other activities in his or her life, drinking alcohol excessively, loss of control of alcohol consumption, insistent use of alcohol, spending much of his or her time involved in alcohol consumed activities, and a main symptom of alcoholism is withdrawal symptoms and or building up a tolerance to alcohol. These symptoms are severe and can cause an individual to ruin their health, lose friendships, and death can even occur.

Some of the physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are anxiety, seizures, delirium tremons (DTs), hallucinations, shakes, and possible heart failure.  Seizures and DTs rarely occur after the first week of alcohol cessation.

There are also early symptoms of alcoholism. Some of these include frequent, heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages, drinking in dangerous situations, such as drinking while driving, working, or using machinery, and also drinking until they lose consciousness. These symptoms are also severe and can cause the individual to get into legal trouble or could also cause him or her to harm themselves or an innocent bystander. An alcoholic can have blackouts where they do not remember what they did while they were intoxicated.

Levels of Alcoholism

There are also different levels of alcoholism. The levels of alcoholism can vary from mild, to severe, to life-threatening. Those battling with alcoholism need help, and depending on the severity of the alcoholism, the more help he or she needs. Those with mild alcoholism and mild symptoms may just need to attend an outpatient alcoholism program. Those with a more severe alcoholism and more severe symptoms of alcoholism may need an inpatient program in order to end his or her battle with alcoholism.

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