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Who is Affected by Alcoholism

Who is affected by alcoholism? It has long been said that people only hurt themselves when they have personal problems. However, this is not the case with alcohol. It is not that an alcoholic is just hurting themselves, they are hurting everyone they come in contact with.

Sometimes when a person has problems with alcohol or drug addiction, it is something they are not aware of. They might think that everyone is out to get them, and they might feel bad about who they are and what they are doing with their lives. Sometimes they have failed at relationships, lost jobs, and lost interest in the things that they love. They have become isolated, so much so that they no longer feel like the same person. A person who has an alcoholism problem is definitely affected by their addiction. It might be that they are unable to function without alcohol.

Yes, a person is affected by their own alcoholism. They have lost a lot in their lives, and they might feel like there is nothing they can do to get it all back. It might be devastating, but that is not all that they have hurt. If the person is a child, their parents will be heavily affected. They might feel as if it is their fault. They might feel worthless or helpless, and will experience the stress which is associated with dealing with a child who has an alcoholism problem. They will feel physically and mentally down because of the alcoholism they have to deal with, and they too will have relationships and activities that suffer.

Families Are Devastated By Alcoholism

The family will also be affected in many different ways due to the alcohol use and abuse. The child with an alcohol addiction will not be part of many activities and will make the rest of the family worry about them and have to work hard to deal with the problems.

It can be said that a person who has problems with alcoholism will have an effect on everyone they come into contact with, and everything in their lives.  Their spouses or their partners will have negative feelings towards them, and they might have messed up a lot of relationships while they were using alcohol. It might feel at times that it is going to be impossible to help someone get through their bout with drug or alcohol addiction because of all the things that they have done to you or to your relationships while they were under the influence.

It is also important to realize that parents can affect children, even if the children are too young to understand what is going on. If a person who abuses alcohol has children, the children will suffer too, often very greatly. The children will not be able to understand why their parent is acting differently, and may often feel like it is their fault. The children will not be able to express their feelings or ask questions in order to understand their parent’s problems.

Society Suffers From Alcoholism

Society also suffers from alcoholism. People’s friends and other family members will feel that they cannot help, and relationships will be strained and will not succeed. An individual’s employers will have to deal with their employee’s problems, and society as a whole does not benefit in any way from alcoholism. Everyone suffers when someone is addicted to alcohol.

It is never just the person who actually has the alcohol problem that suffers when someone is addicted to alcohol. The ripple effect trickles on down to everyone, and many different repercussions will be felt through the person’s life and in everything they are a part of. Dealing with alcohol and alcoholism is often something that takes hold of someone’s entire life.

Alcoholism affects everyone.  It affects the workplace environment, the boss, clients, and co-workers when one employee is unreliable, absent frequently, and forgets obligations and duties.  Before long, this will lead to the dismissal of that unreliable employee if he or she does not seek alcoholism treatment.

Hypothetically speaking, were the alcoholism to lead to a job loss, this would affect the household income, in turn affecting the lenders and all who expect regular bill payment, regardless of whether revenue has dried up.  The failure to pay bills can have an extremely detrimental effect on the family unit – particularly if the alcoholic is still not seeking alcoholism treatment.

If the family falls apart, this can drive the alcoholic even further into alcoholism.  Ultimately, the boss can find a new employee.  The spouse can even find a new partner – as emotionally difficult as that process may be.  The person who alcoholism hurts the most is the alcoholic.

Alcoholism is a downward cycle, and the alcoholic must seek treatment or be left with a life of regret.  In addition to all the psychological, emotional, and financial setbacks, alcoholism can lead to the onset of physical ailments.  Cirrhosis of the liver, cardiac failure, elevated blood pressure, and weight gain are just some of the illnesses that can be associated with alcoholism.  That is why there are two more entities greatly affected by alcoholism – the medical community that makes hundreds of millions each year by treating alcohol-related illnesses, and American taxpayers who are often left paying the tab.
Alcohol and Alcoholism

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