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Christian Drug Rehabilitation

Many people find Christian drug rehabilitation useful because it puts their beliefs and values into practice during one of the most difficult struggles they will ever endure. The Christian drug rehabilitation environment strengthens their Christian faith, which in turn helps them find the strength, determination, and self-forgiveness necessary to continue on the recovery journey.

Christian Drug RehabilitationRecovering drug addicts often have a challenge finding hope, redemption, and peace. The Christian lifestyle helps them learn to let go and find their hope and happiness in something other than their own physical pleasure. It helps them realize that a drug-induced high might provide temporary peace, but true, long-lasting peace can be gained from spirituality and living a positive lifestyle.

Christian drug rehabilitation is appropriate for those who have never embraced Christianity before but have a strong desire to connect with the faith, or those who have already embraced Christianity and wish to rely on it throughout their recovery journey. If that is the case, there is no better environment than the Christian drug rehabilitation center, full of like-minded people and a supportive, encouraging vibe.

Even among Christian drug rehabilitation centers there are differences, and it’s important to choose the right one for your individual addiction experience. There are outpatient, inpatient, and long-term residential treatment centers. These have different lengths of treatment, but there are also differences in addiction philosophy, facility services, and treatment approach.

Outpatient, Inpatient, or Residential Addiction Treatment

Outpatient Christian drug rehabilitation offers the opportunity to bend your treatment schedule around work and life obligations with treatment during business hours only. Though more cost-effective, outpatient treatment is less intensive and does not typically provide detox services or medical supervision.

Inpatient Christian drug rehabilitation is more intensive, typically with overnight care and around-the-clock medical supervision. Detoxification services are also typically provided to rid the body of residual drug-related toxins. Inpatient treatment is often more expensive, but it provides more intense and thorough treatment.

Long-term residential Christian drug rehabilitation offers many of the same services as inpatient treatment. The typical length of treatment, however, is for six months to a year or more, as opposed to three to six months in inpatient care. Long-term residential is by far the most expensive option, and is best suited for long-term addictions or addictions to hard-core drugs like heroin.

Aftercare Is Important For Complete Rehabilitation

Some inpatient and long-term residential treatment programs offer aftercare, and some do not. Aftercare is one thing worth checking into because it provides follow-up counseling and care to ensure the recovering addict experiences a smooth, substance-free transition into the outside world.

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