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Christian Drug Rehab Programs

If you or a loved one are having issues with a drug or alcohol addiction, there are Christian drug rehab programs available that can help. With the guidance of the trained professionals at these centers, you will be on the road to recovery and back on track with God in no time.

Within Christian drug rehab programs, the patient will be treated for the addiction that they have. When they are first checked in, they will begin their process by detoxing. This is a process that the patient needs to go through for all of the drugs or alcohol to work out of their system and then to allow the body time to adjust to living without the drug or alcohol.

Christian Drug RehabAfter being given time to detox, the patient will then begin going through the remainder of their program. While in a Christian rehab program, the patient will learn to adjust to living without the drug or alcohol that they are addicted to. This will be accomplished by using traditional therapy, but in addition to this, the patient will incorporate spiritual guidance, prayer, and the word of God in order to heal.

The patient will learn how to get past the hold that the addiction has on them and how to continue their sobriety when they are ready to go home. They will learn to turn to God in thought and prayer to help keep them on the right path of sobriety.

For anyone that is in need of help due to addiction, Christian rehab programs are the answer.

What Can a Christian Drug Rehab Provide?

Many Christians seeking a Christian drug rehab find themselves frustrated within convention non-christian themed programs. Even a 12-step program, although originally Christian based recovery, many feel it has watered down it’s original Christian elements, replacing a belief in Jesus Christ the Savior with a more general “Higher Power” or even nothing at all.

Christians seeking recovery in a Faith based treatment setting also can become uncomfortable when they are discouraged from speaking openly of their faith.

Regardless of faith, many treatment professionals agree that recovery is best when the client works on body, mind and spirit collectively. For this very reason, the Christian seeking help for addiction and choosing a Christian drug or alcohol treatment facility is an ideal approach.

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There are several different types of Christian rehabs or Faith Based recovery programs:

1) The first is a 100% Christian based program that has little medical and/or western therapies such as clinical counseling or credentialed staff members. Also known as a Christian Social Model Recovery program, it is essentially a center ran by recovering Christians.

2) The second type of Faith based or Christian drug rehab is a “work based” drug or alcohol rehab, also known as a vocational rehab. Salvation Army or Teen Challenge are examples of this. Generally free cost to the client, the Christian is asked to work 8-12 hours per day to offset the cost of their stay. Daily prayer and scripture are also used.

3) The third type of Christian rehab often combines different types of treatment, including Christian treatment and standard approaches. Generally regarded as more successful, a combination of Faith based treatment, medical staffing, credentialed Christian counselors and therapists, and a Christian track or focus can focus on different elements of addiction. Generally speaking, insurance coverage only applies to this type of Christian treatment and not the previous two.

Although not a complete list, the different types of treatment for Christians encompasses a wide range:

  • Christian drug rehab
  • Christian drug rehabilitation centers
  • Christian detox
  • Christian alcohol treatment center
  • Christian center for substance abuse treatment
  • Christian drug addiction centers
  • Christian drug rehabilitation centers
  • Christian drug rehabilitation facilities
  • Christian drug rehabilitation center
  • Christian drug rehabs

Whereas traditional models of recovery permit a client to have his faith as “secondary” to his recovery, a Christian drug rehab facility allows the Christian to have his faith as the most important aspect of his recovery.

A center for drug rehab that specializes in treating Christian with drug or alcohol abuse problems. Professionals, pastors or spiritual counselors can help the addict to restore or discover for the first time his faith in Jesus Christ. With this faith the ability to face the problem head on becomes easier.

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