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Depression and Alcohol

Depression and alcohol can be a devastating combination. Anyone who attempts to self-medicate depression by drinking alcohol will most likely find that things have only gotten worse. Naturally, in the beginning, alcohol will provide a temporary escape, but with continued consumption, depression becomes the least of their problems.  Alcohol also contributes to depression in the long run.

Depression and AlcoholAlcohol has long been accepted by society as an enjoyable form of recreation and relaxation, so it is no wonder that the number of alcoholics today is staggering. Certainly, not everyone who drinks socially will become an alcoholic, but studies show that social drinking has contributed to the downfall of many who thought they had their drinking habits under control.

Nothing is as distressing as watching a friend or loved one become highly intoxicated and begin crying or feeling sorry for themselves. It is a shameful condition to be in, and difficult for anyone to have to witness, but this happens on a regular basis to those who combine depression and alcohol. Millions of family members are forced to watch helplessly as a loved one battles with alcohol-induced depression or depression-induced alcoholism.

Is It Time to Seek Treatment?

When depression and alcohol have taken control of someone’s life and left them staring into the empty bottle wondering where the next drink will come from, it is time to seek professional treatment in an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation facility. At this point in alcohol addiction or alcoholism, the person is not able to control their drinking, and if the drinking has been going on for a prolonged period of time, they will experience intense or dangerous withdrawal symptoms if alcohol is withheld. This is why professionally supervised detoxification is recommended. Detoxification in an inpatient rehab treatment facility is monitored by medical professionals around the clock.  If any dangerous symptoms do arise, they can handle them immediately.

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The combination of depression and alcohol is known as a co-occurring disorder, which means the individual will need to be treated for both conditions before complete recovery is possible. The best way to get treatment for both problems at once is to enroll in an inpatient rehabilitation center. At such a facility, treatment will consist of medically supervised detox followed by a 30 to 90 day program to help the person restore self-esteem and learn how to cope with daily situations without needing alcohol as their courage or escape.

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