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Drug Addiction Counseling

Drug addiction counseling is a tool used to help addicts understand their addiction and learn that there are other people in the world who also Drug Addiction Counselingstruggle with the same problems as they do.  This program has proven time after time that it is a highly effective way for recovering addicts to overcome their addictions without relapse.  Drug addiction counseling comes in two options, group drug addiction counseling, and individual drug addiction counseling.  These two options are offered inside of addiction rehab and outside of addiction rehab and are available for all people with all kinds of addictions.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is for addicts who wish to have their therapy more private, and do not feel comfortable talking about their problems in front of other addicts.  This program is a good way for recovering addicts to see exactly how their addiction is affecting their life.  Individual drug addiction counseling can help the addict move on from addiction towards a life of sobriety. One-on-one counseling can help the client get to the root of their problem and help them realize what actually caused the addiction and when it all started. This is a major part of healing and moving on from addiction. The underlying causes of addiction must be treated in addition to the physical part of addiction.

Group Counseling For Drug Addiction

Group counseling is the most common form of drug addiction counseling.  This counseling program is used in rehab centers as well as for individuals who choose to get weekly counseling through their local rehab center.  Group drug addiction counseling offers a person a chance to talk to other addicts about their addiction and see what other people are doing to avoid addiction temptation.  Some recovered addicts choose to get group counseling long after they are recovered from their addictions so that they can remain sober and continue to learn new ways to handle their cravings.

In group counseling, the individuals share their experiences while addicted to drugs and also share their feelings and fears about remaining sober.  Each individual knows what the other is going through and can offer support and encouragement.  This is very helpful in remaining sober for someone who has been addicted to drugs.

Addiction is a problem that can remain in a person’s life for years.   Even after the rehab programs are over, you will still have a natural desire to use.  Drug addiction counseling in any form is a smart thing to choose when you are considering addiction recovery.

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