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Drug Addiction Facts

Many of the important drug addiction facts are not necessarily well known. Everyone knows that drugs can be addictive and cause damage not only to the user, but also to those who are close to them. However, we are rarely faced with the hard, cold facts and statistics that surround addictions. It leaves one to wonder that if these facts were more well known, would addictions be such a large issue?

Drug Addiction FactsOver six million children in America live with at least one parent who has a drug addiction. This is one of the most startling drug addiction facts, especially when children in families of addicts are more likely to use drugs themselves. Children in these homes also have more ear infections, asthma, and have poor grades in school that could potentially lead to a vicious cycle that can not be broken until the person with the addiction seeks help.

Alarming Addiction Facts

Another of the alarming drug addiction facts is that drug withdrawal is not  as easy as anyone thinks. The process can bring on hallucinations, paranoia, and seizures. Drug withdrawal in rare cases can even prove to be fatal.  This is why it is imperative to detox while under supervision at an inpatient rehabilitation center. While it may appear to be easy just to quit, there are so many symptoms and, of course, medical problems that could arise. Without proper detox monitoring, an addict can do more harm to their body.

Drug treatments do not have to be a voluntary endeavor to be considered successful. In fact, there are many people who enter a rehab facility to appease a family member or friend. These persons are just as successful as their counterparts who admit to their drug abuse being a problem. Of course, admitting one has a problem is a huge step; it is not one that is required to be taken to achieve successful recovery.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers

Some may say that inpatient rehabilitation centers are like prison. This is a myth that is often mistaken to be drug addiction facts. However, it is far from the truth with most facilities offering a safe environment with a caring and compassionate staff, not to mention that recovering addicts are around those just like themselves which helps immensely in the healing process.

Drug addictions can only be cured with pharmaceutical drugs is unproven, though it can be difficult to find a doctor who will authorize alternative methods, and it’s not to say the pharmaceuticals are not effective. Many herbs found in nature have cleansing properties that aid and assist in cleansing the body. There are also herbs available to treat the side effects of withdrawal.

Therapy is essential for recovery from drug addictions. This is one of the true drug addiction facts, though there are many different types of therapy. There are group therapy sessions, one-on-one therapy, family therapy, and other types of specialized sessions. Two individuals, even with the same addictions, might need a different therapy approach. Utilizing therapy will increase the odds of sobriety.

Many Treatment Options Available Today

With many different treatment options available, we should start seeing drug use numbers eventually go down. As more and more people seek help, it will set a good example for those around them who also might be battling their own demons. Drug addiction is a medical condition that goes deeper than just chemical addiction, and this is most likely the best known of all drug addiction facts.

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