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Drug Addiction Treatment Statistics

Drug addiction treatment statistics show vital information concerning drug addictions and rehabilitation programs. They are useful in Drug Addiction Treatment Statisticssolving cases on drugs, drug abuse, and drug addiction. Awareness campaigns ranging from drug use cause and effects have been launched for quite some time due to these statistics. Drug users, drug pushers, drug lords, and other drug-related problems have been targeted and dealt with by families, local police, and even larger government units like the FBI. Every state in the country has tackled the issue of drug addiction in the best way possible to help both users and pushers. For them, there would be no users if there were no pushers and vice-versa.

Drug Addiction Has Become A Cancer Of Society

Users vary from wealthy or poor, young or old, professional or illiterate. They come from different sectors of society which can either be the privileged or the less fortunate. Many have been educated and made aware of drug abuse and its effects. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, they have fallen victim to drug addiction. Once caught in the web of drug addiction, the situation can be horrifying. According to drug addiction treatment statistics, addiction causes problems in families, places of employment, and the community. These effects grow from smaller groups to bigger groups, nationwide to worldwide.

Drug addiction has become a cancer of society. Nevertheless, if cancer or aids have treatments, so does drug addiction. The medical society has not been deaf on drug abuse and drug addiction. They have done their part in finding the solution and have come up with various drug treatments.

How much of this drug addiction treatment is made accessible to drug users and how many drug addicts have been successfully treated in the rehabilitation center is an ongoing question. The drug addiction treatment statistics report is an important tool for providing information about the effectiveness of drug addiction and drug treatments. Everyone wants a drug-free country as well as a crime-free environment. Through drug addiction treatment statistics, people will be informed about how many victims of drug addiction have been successfully treated and recovered.

Few Drug Addicts Seek Help

The National Treatment Agency (NTA) has reported that only 1.2 % of people addicted to illegal drugs have contact with the drug treatment system. It is sad to know that only very few people are truly drug free. The number of users varies to the number of pushers in the drug treatment system. According to many drug addiction treatment statistics, the number of users increases yearly while the number of users in rehab decreases. The rehab outcome includes users on maintenance prescriptions and in abstinence programs. There are those in rehab who have overcome drug dependency, but still show signs of addiction to alcohol or psychoactive drugs and may be at risk of relapse, so they can’t be discharged yet, but must be referred further to an appropriate service.

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Moreover, rehabilitation programs at inpatient rehab centers have been successful such that over 79% of their clients have been discharged as compared to the national average of 69%. In cases like this, more drug-free outcome plans are needed and provide enough funding to help rehabilitation programs succeed. Using the drug addiction treatment statistics can help to get more people, families, religious sectors, and local agencies involved in the anti-drug campaign.

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