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Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and Alcohol AbuseDrug and alcohol abuse go hand in hand. Either of these forms of substance abuse can cause very harmful problems to people and their lives. Drug or alcohol abuse has broken up many families over the years.  Many people look back and wish they could go back and take care of their families instead of being held hostage to drugs or alcohol.  In the end, the addict is left with nobody and nothing.

When a person has a drug and alcohol abuse problem, they always do risky things to themselves while under the influence. The risky things can include:

  • Drinking or being high while driving
  • Getting law enforcement involved while under the influence
  • Doing things that could, in the end, potentially harm you physically

Signs of Abuse or Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse is something that needs to be taken seriously. You need to know the signs of things to look out for when you believe a person might have an abuse problem. If a person has an alcohol or drug abuse problem, they will have physical signs such as massive bruises and cuts from injury while high or drunk, their skin will look malnourished because a serious drug addict usually does not eat for days at a time; also, look for signs from behavior changes. A normally happy, well-rounded individual will be obsessed with obtaining their substance of choice. Nothing else matters to them. They put their money on drugs or alcohol before anything else.

If a person starts to neglect their family and friends or becomes unaware of the dangers they are putting themselves in, or if they are getting into trouble through the law by doing illegal things or just stupid things, they probably have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. The signs and symptoms are the first things to look for when determining if someone you know and love has an abuse problem. Drug and alcohol abuse will affect a person’s health and well-being if it is not taken care of immediately after you notice even the slightest changes in the way they act.

Don’t Let Drugs or Alcohol Ruin Your Life

Before drug and alcohol abuse ruins your life or a loved one’s life, plan an intervention and get them the treatment they need. Contact us before it’s too late to help you find the right drug and alcohol abuse treatment center for you or your loved one.

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