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Drug Detox

Drug DetoxDrug detox is the process in which a person addicted to alcohol or drugs is prevented from using the drugs for a certain period of time until he or she no longer has a desire for the substance. Detox can be very complicated because serious side effects could occur.

When our clients undergo the detoxification process, they will feel withdrawal symptoms. These effects are both physical and mental. Professional staff do our best to lessen these symptoms, so the process is as painless as possible until there are no traces of drugs in your body, so you can start your life over again.

Why You Need Detox

The process of detoxification allows a person’s body to flush out all the toxins that were deposited during their addiction. Unless these toxins are eliminated completely, cravings will continue, and the addiction will spiral out of control eventually. This is only the beginning of a complete rehabilitation program, but it is the most crucial aspect of treatment.

After going through drug detox, a person is not cured of their illness; however, the physical urge is eliminated. During detoxification, our clients are carefully monitored, so their body will not suffer serious damage or even death. Withdrawal symptoms might include sweating, nausea, anxiety and vomiting. A client could also feel depressed and isolated. We understand these problems and will offer you support during this difficult time.

How Long Does It Take?

The amount of time the detoxification process takes varies among individuals. It can take two weeks, or it could take two months. It depends on how dependent that a person is on the drug and how much of the drug is in the body.

Detoxification can difficult and painful; however, it is necessary for an individual to become drug-free. Clients achieve their goal of recovery by going through drug detox followed by a rehab program that helps them regain the confidence and physical health needed for dealing with life as a sober person.

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