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Anorectic Drugs

What are Anorectic Drugs?

A number of drugs have been developed and marketed to replace amphetamines as appetite suppressants, otherwise referred to as diet pills. These include:


  • benzphetamine (Didrex)
  • diethylproprion (Tenuate, Tepanil)
  • fenfluramine (Pondimin)
  • mazindol (Sanorex, Mazanor)
  • phendimetrazine (Bontril, Prelu-2, Plegine)
  • phentermine (Ionamin, AdipexP)

Anorectic drugs produce many of the same effects as amphetamines.  However, most of the time anorectics are less potent.  They are all Schedule III controlled substances and used as appetite suppressants.  Anorectic drugs can be very habit forming and cause many serious physical health problems.

Available In Pill or Capsule Form

These pills are available in prescription form as well as on the black or illicit market; you can also buy them without a prescription. They are marketed as diet pills. They are available in pill and capsule form and are swallowed or taken orally.

There have been many health problems reported with the use and drug abuse of anorectic drugs. The combinations fenfluranime and dexfenfluramine were removed from availability in the United States because of a health connection to heart valve problems.

These pills are often abused by the user, resulting in improper nutrition and excessive weight loss. They can be particularly dangerous when mixed with other drug or substances such as alcohol. This type of drug abuse is typically dangerous to women of all ages, especially teenage girls whose bodies are still growing.

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