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Many people are not aware of the effects caffeine has on the body. While we choose to drink or eat products that contain caffeine, we are also choosing to use the most common drug in the world which is a psychoactive drug. Over 90% of adults and teens will consume this drug daily. Caffeine is a natural pesticide which paralyzes and kills insects feeding on plants.  Many people don’t know this fact.

This is An Easily Addictive Drug

CaffeineWhen it is purified, it is a white, bitter powder that gives the soft drinks their distinctive taste. It is absorbed into the body only 30-45 minutes after ingesting it and will diminish in about three hours. It will be excreted eventually, so there is not any danger of accumulations being built up in the body.

Caffeine is not made for everybody and can affect every person differently. It will affect your colonic and gastric activity, mood, cerebral vascular system, and your stamina. It is naturally found in over 60 worldwide plants such as beans, fruits, and leaves. Our most common source is found in energy drinks, coffee, cola, tea leaves, and cocoa beans;  it can also be added into our foods, medications, beverages, and our supplements.

Caffeine is required to be listed on product labels, but the amount is not required. A small amount is usually safe though.

The following are amounts of intakes ranging from low to severely high:

  • 130-300 mg daily is considered low to moderate
  • 200-300 mg daily is moderate
  • 400 mg daily is considered high dosage
  • Anything over 6,000 mg daily is severely heavy consumption

The average amount of caffeine that is taken in by Americans daily is 280 mg, but there is a chance that many of these will consume over 600 mg.

Some Withdrawal Symptoms That May Appear

Withdrawal symptoms include headache, irritability, inability to concentrate, drowsiness, insomnia, pain in the stomach, upper body, and joints.  These symptoms may occur within 12 to 24 hours of stopping caffeine intake.  These symptoms usually last from two to nine days.

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