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Crack Cocaine

Cocaine and crack cocaine addiction are devastating to American families. Cocaine is known on the street as blow, nose candy, snowball, tornado, and wicky stick. It is available in different forms as a white powder or “crack” that is a hard off-white chunky material. Cocaine can be snorted, injected, or smoked. It is snorted in the white powder form; lines of coke are arranged on a hard surface such as a mirror. Powder cocaine can also be dissolved and then injected. The hard chunky crack form of cocaine is smoked.  The name “crack” comes from the crackling sound it makes when smoked. A high from smoking crack does not last as long as snorting or injecting cocaine.Crack Cocaine

The user of cocaine can experience a high or euphoric feeling along with increased energy. Cocaine has been used in medicine as an anesthetic. Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the coca plant. At one time very small amounts were found in the Coca-Cola beverage.

Cocaine is smuggled into the country; it is not available by legal means. Cocaine is priced on the purity of the product available. It is an expensive habit or addiction. Crack cocaine is relatively cheaper and has “opened” the addiction to those less affluent.

A Dangerous Drug

Crack Cocaine AddictionCocaine is extremely addictive. Drug addiction to some individuals can happen at the first instance of use. Cocaine is also very hard on the body. Risks of overdose, uncontrollable behavior while under the influence of cocaine, severe behavior associated with obtaining more cocaine, and intense withdrawal symptoms make cocaine a dangerous drug to individuals and society at large.

Mixing cocaine use with other drugs, especially alcohol, can cause death. Due to the severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with crack and cocaine use, addicts typically require professional cocaine rehab and crack treatment to detox and recover. Many crack addiction treatment and crack cocaine addiction recovery drug rehab programs have medically supervised detoxification programs that can assist and help control the withdrawal from crack and cocaine. A qualified crack cocaine addiction treatment center can provide effective crack rehab and crack addiction recovery.

Crack Addiction Treatment

Crack addiction treatment is an effective treatment plan for those who are addicted to crack. Crack is cocaine that is a solid substance and gives the user a hard, but short lived, high and is one of the most addictive kinds of drugs in the world today. Crack is made from cocaine with a baking soda kind of base and unfortunately, is affordable for those looking for a cheap high. The toxic forms of the drug make it very dangerous to the physical and mental health of a person. When a person smokes crack, it puts a great deal of cocaine into the lungs and gives a quick and very intense high. Crack addiction treatment is a treatment program that works.

Withdrawal and Detoxification

Crack Addiction TreatmentFor those who get high with crack, it is very hard to overcome because it is highly addictive. Those who use the drug often say that they cannot live without the drug. When an addict decides to quit, they suffer from some of the following symptoms: fatigue, being angry with everyone around them, feeling depressed, shaking, muscle pain, anxiety, and vomiting. Crack addiction treatment is a life saving program that offers a new way of living.

Even though crack is addictive, there are several effective treatment plans that work well. In addition, there are several effective and healthy benefits that come as a result of crack addiction treatment. One advantage is that this program is a physical detoxification of the body. This is usually done at the beginning of the treatment plan. Physical detoxification offers a drug-free and regularly maintained environment where clients can end their crack use. While going through the physical detoxification process, vital signs of the client are monitored carefully and often by the staff to make sure that complications can be taken care of quickly. Withdrawal symptoms are treated with medication, if needed, that is not addictive. Crack addiction treatment offers hope to those who need help.

An Environment Of Structure and Stability

While the detoxification process continues, the addict is treated in an environment that is supervised and private, a setting that helps the client heal from his or her addiction. In a calm, professional, and healing environment, the client has a better chance of attaining freedom from the crack addiction. Meals, activities, and exercise programs that are structured give an environment of structure and stability that help to increase the effectiveness of treatment. During the detoxification process, intensive therapy is often used because the user often has emotional issues of childhood neglect, stress issues, and other emotional problems that need to be addressed to ensure that the road to recovery continues. Counseling is often needed to prevent the client from going back to the drugs. In addition, during the crack rehabilitation process, help is also given on how to get better sleep, how to eat more nutritious foods, how to exercise on a regular basis, and how this way of living can help keep them drug free. Crack addiction treatment is a wonderful program and offers a way out from drugs.

Crack addiction treatment can be an effective and healing way for those addicted to crack because it is a lifestyle that not only restores one’s health, but also offers a better way to live, interact with others, and solve problems without the use of drugs.

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