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Heroin Addiction Symptoms

There are obvious heroin addiction symptoms that addicts and loved ones should know. Heroin addicts often say that they can quit anytime they want, but an addiction to heroin makes this very difficult. While addicted to heroin, an addict will generally display certain heroin addiction symptoms such as always having a steady supply of heroin. Instead of wanting to stop, addicts feel as if they need the heroin to just function normally. Addicts are willing to do things they would not normally do to just get the drug, actions that are both criminal and life-threatening.

Assessing Heroin Addiction Symptoms

Heroin Addiction SymptomsHeroin addicts will continue to use the drug, regardless of everything that they may be loosing and everyone they may be hurting. The drug is so much more important at this stage, that even draining the family’s bank account, losing their job or failing in school, running into trouble with the law or just ruining their health does not even phase them.

Some of the following questions assess heroin addiction symptoms:

  • Don’t care how they look? (Appearance change for the worse).
  • Are they slowing down?
  • Do they have the shakes?
  • Noticed any needle marks on their arms or legs?
  • Weight loss?
  • Do their eyes appear red?
  • Have they become lazy?
  • Missed a lot of work and or school?
  • Have their pupils been dilated over a period of time?
  • Has their eating habits changed?
  • Do they have a blank stare?
  • Do their hands stay cold or sweaty?
  • Do they slur in their speech?
  • Have you noticed heroin paraphernalia?

By no means is this not an exhaustive list of heroin addiction symptoms and even if they do have these symptoms, it does not mean they necessarily are addicted.

Get Help if You Notice Any of These Heroin Addiction Symptoms in Yourself or a Loved One

If you notice any of these heroin addiction symptoms in yourself or a loved one, it is important that you seek help immediately.

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