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Heroin Dangers

Heroin DangersHeroin is a widely used drug that is illegal and the most ultimate of the heroin dangers is death. It is powerfully addictive and it produces a euphoria that is very intense. When someone has become very tolerant to heroin, the euphoria will no longer be as strong as initially. Heroin is taken in several different ways. It can be snorted, injected, or smoked.

Symptoms of Heroin Addiction

Heroin causes intense cravings and severe withdrawal symptoms. Cravings can reoccur after detoxification and drug treatment leading to a high chronic relapse rate for heroin abusers. Heroin is extremely dangerous because once it is in your brain it is rapidly metabolized. Here, it is made into morphine because of the things that are removed from it as it enters your brain. The morphine molecules attach themselves to the opioid receptors, and this is where the high occurs. Depending on how you take heroin, there are different time frames for the high. When it is taken by mouth, the effects are the same as taking straight morphine. When it is snorted, it has a high onset in 10 to 15 minutes. When you smoke it, the effects are felt almost right away, although they are milder. They will increase as you smoke more.

Heroin Abuse DangersHeroin is very dangerous because addictive qualities . Because the brain responds to it so quickly, you can become addicted to heroin within a matter of taking it a few times. This quick addiction is what leads to people needing more and more heroin and not being able to shake this habit. The use of heroin can lead to diseases that are passed through the use of needles, such as HIV or AIDS. Heroin dangers can also be something that is extremely harmful for a baby in the womb.

When a person does heroin, almost everything in their lives is affected. They become someone that lives only to find their next fix, and they don’t want to do anything else. They will seclude themselves from their family and friends, and they will refuse to do anything that doesn’t involve their drug. They can be highly functional when they are actually on their drug, so oftentimes people don’t know that they are drug addicts at all. However, there are signs that someone has been using heroin. They might have trouble concentrating or trouble remembering things. They also might have unexplained anger or strange feelings.

Some symptoms of heroin use include shallow and rapid breathing, and dilated pupils. A person might feel euphoria and might have trouble concentrating. A person might also go into convulsions or coma if they have overdosed on heroin. Heroin is a very scary drug, and it is very dangerous because it has gotten a reputation for being glamorous and exciting. It is because of this reputation that many people try it, and with its very fast addiction rate, many people are unable to stop using it once they realize it is not as glamorous and exciting as it might appear to be. They become drug addicts and there appears to be no way out. Detoxification and withdrawal assistance is necessary, many drug rehab programs offer these treatments as part of their overall program.

Getting Help For Heroin Addiction

The best way to get help for a heroin addiction is to check yourself into a drug rehabilitation treatment center. It is too dangerous to try to quit on your own because of its strong addictive nature. A person who is addicted to heroin will do anything to get more, no matter how much they want to quit. If you are addicted to heroin, and you want to quit, you need to put yourself somewhere that you can have no contact with the drug. If you can do that, you can get through the period of withdrawal without using heroin. This is the time frame that most people give up and go back to using because the withdrawal symptoms can be that bad.  A person will do anything to use again. So if you are going to get well, a treatment center is the best place for you. If you or someone you love has a heroin addiction problem call 4Rehabilitation immediately to get help heroin dangers are life threatening so don’t wait, contact us immediately before you become just another government statistic.

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