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Heroin Withdrawals

Heroin WithdrawalsHeroin withdrawals can begin 6 to 12 hours after discontinuation of the drug; however, this could change depending on the amount of the last consumed heroin dosage. They will peak within one to three days and usually begin to subside in five to seven days.  However, it has been known for addicts to have weeks or month of withdrawal symptoms.  This is known as PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) by most counselors and physicians.

Withdrawals can lead to having some symptoms including depression, sweating, malaise, and anxiety.  In females, they could experience extra sensitivity in the genital areas.  Also, heroin addicts can have cramping pains in the limbs, excessive sneezing and yawning, difficulty sleeping, chills, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and fever.

Heroin withdrawals, in most cases, can be similar to a bad case of the flu.  It must be recognized that the physical symptoms may be close to the flu, but psychological symptoms can and will be very mentally painful.  Some common symptoms like mood swings, depression, anxiety, and hypersensitivity to pain will also be withdrawal symptoms.

“Dope Sickness”

People with a drug problem can be very manipulative.  They figure out a way to get what they want and to get others to do what they want rather than doing it the honest way.  Heroin withdrawals are very painful and quite stressful for the addict, which can result in the reuse of heroin.  This is a very traumatic time known to addicts as the “dope sickness.” They become very fearful of heroin withdrawal.

For long time users “dope sickness” can begin two hours after their last usage.  This will give the addict a daily reccurring nightmare.  For those that are the bravest to quit heroin, it is the worst nightmare possible.  Entering a more acute phase of heroin withdrawals within 48-72 hours after stopping, intense feelings of restfulness will occur and take over the addict.  Withdrawals from heroin are also described as an intense kicking motion nicknaming it “kicking dope“.

Get Help Professionally With Withdrawals

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