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Ketamine is a drug that is used for humans and also for animals as an anesthetic. It is often used to put someone under and to make sure that a person does not feel any pain. However, like a lot of pharmaceutical drugs, it is often used recreationally as well. It was made in order to be an anesthetic, and it turned out to have very strong hallucinatory properties, which makes it a recreational drug of choice for many people.

How The Drug is Used

KetamineKetamine became a popular psychedelic drug in 1965. It was used in psychiatric research along with LSD and isolation tanks. After this, the instances of recreational Ketamine use made it a drug that was placed on the governmental listings of controlled substances.  Many people used it as a psychedelic drug, and therefore it became an illegal drug.

The drug can suppress your breathing but does so much less than a lot of other available anesthetics. Because of this, it is still used for humans in medicine and can often be used for someone with an unknown medical history, in order to treat them in emergency situations. Because it has a low risk of danger when used on humans by doctors, it is used when a patient’s medical history is not known. These users enable it to still be used in the United States. It is also used in veterinary clinics in order to anesthetize dogs and cats and other small animals. It carries a slight risk to them, but not near as great of a risk as many of the other anesthetics will.

There are many effects that come from using Ketamine as a depressant. It works on the respiratory and circulatory systems and may sometimes stimulate rather than depress these systems. Patients have reported vivid hallucinations that occur when they are given this drug, and sometimes call this “going into other worlds” or “seeing God” while they have been put under for surgery. Because of these effects, Ketamine is not used as often for human medical treatments. Many times, people use Ketamine recreationally. This can result in psychedelic consequences, and will lead to hallucinations. Even though it is a drug that is used as an anesthetic with little risk to the breathing, it is still dangerous to use the drug recreationally. Like any drug, it has side effects and it is very possible to become addicted to Ketamine.

Like any other pharmaceutical that is taken recreationally, Ketamine carries a risk of dependence and can have major, life-altering side effects. A person will become physically dependent on the drug and will need the drug in order to function, leading to a drug addiction. The drug is often used in combination with other drugs or with lifestyle choices that led to a higher occurrence of HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Like all other drugs, putting yourself in the places and situations where someone else is abusing Ketamine puts you at risk for all kinds of things that you wouldn’t otherwise be at risk of. Ketamine is commonly used in nighclubs and raves, it is considered one of the club drugs.

Getting Help for Addiction or Abuse

If you or someone you know has developed a problem with Ketamine or a dependence on the drug, do not fail to seek medical help. There are only bad things that can come out of an addiction to Ketamine. You want to get help so that you can be on the path to recovery, there are many addiction treatment options available. A Ketamine addiction is something that should be taken seriously, because the drug is very easy to have an accidental overdose of. There are many times when people take more Ketamine than they mean to, and actually die from using it.

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