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Addiction To Opiates

An addiction to opiates occurs when a person continuously uses prescription or non-prescription opiates to a point where their body and mind rely on the drug in his or her daily life. Having an addiction to opiates means that your entire life depends on whether or not you will be able to find the drugs needed to sustain your high. Most all people who suffer from an addiction to opiates also suffer from terminal side effects. A lot of the opiate addiction side effects that are terminal occur to a high percentage of people who have an addiction.

Life Threatening

Addiction To OpiatesSeveral common terminal opiate addiction side effects include:

  • Liver disease or failure
  • Kidney disease or failure
  • Lung failure
  • Contraction of HIV/AIDS
  • Heart failure
  • Possible risk of cancer in the liver, kidney, lungs, etc.

None of the terminal effects that occur because of an addiction to opiates can be cured and they can become an opiate addict’s problem only after a few short months or sometimes less of misuse. An addiction to opiates also poses problems in an individual’s social and home life. Many opiate addicts’ use their family members and loved ones to obtain the drugs that they need and this usually leads to social withdrawal or family members banishing the opiate addict because they can no longer handle seeing their loved one suffer from their opiates addiction.

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