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Opiate Addiction in America

Opiate addiction in America continues to grow due to the lack of care from our medical system, extensive drug trafficking, and ignorance regarding the effects these drugs have on the addict’s lives.

Opiate Addiction in America Continues To Grow

Opiate Addiction in AmericaOpiate addiction in America did not become a big deal until morphine was first used in the Civil War for treating people who were having amputations. These individuals became addicted to the effects of this drug and brought the addiction back to their families and friends who also became addicted and obtained the drugs from their doctors and drug smugglers. Since then, heroin, codeine, and many prescription drugs with opiates as the main ingredient have been created and have worked their way into modern America.

Millions of people in America suffer from opiate addiction and over 40% of these people never seek treatment. Without the proper treatment for an opiate addiction, one will soon suffer from side effects such as memory loss, blood pressure problems, heart attack, contracting blood-borne diseases, liver and kidney failure, financial instability and loss of the people who used to care for them. The opiate addiction crisis in America will, in several years, lead to the collapse of many businesses and families, and contribute to thousands of needless deaths. Right now, opiate addiction is costing Americans $484 billion dollars a year due to health care costs, lost wages, traffic accidents, and so on.

Opiate addiction in America also attributes to 10 to 22 percent of all major car wrecks annually and at least half of all major crimes in America are somehow linked to opiate abuse and addiction. These numbers are alarming, and without help, America’s crime levels and poverty levels will soon increase.

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The best way to bring down these statistics is to get as many addicts as possible into professional treatment facilities. Opiate addiction in America does not have to become our downfall, and you can help by getting into treatment right away.

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