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Opiate Detoxification

Opiate DetoxificationOpiate detoxification is the first stage in addiction recovery from opiates. This process is offered in several options so that individuals with different severity of opiate addictions and lifestyles can get the personal and most effective care that they need to overcome the first and most important stage in opiate addiction recovery.

Successful Opiate Detox That’s Proven

Opiate detoxification today is offered most commonly through holistic, medicated, and sauna opiate detox:

  • Holistic opiate detoxification is a new trend that actually works. It works by using all natural approaches to helping a person come clean from their opiate addiction. They will begin this treatment by quitting cold turkey and they then will go through several days of opiate withdrawal. Using methods such as yoga and meditation, an individual will control the side effects and be closer to their life free from opiate addiction without having to use prescription medications or other things that could obstruct their overall recovery.
  • Medicated opiate detoxification is used by millions of individuals around the world every year because it is effective, easy and used in almost all opiate rehabs. It uses prescription medications such as Suboxone and Methadone as a way to help the recovering individual lose the withdrawal effects and be able to focus on their actual recovery. They will have to take a few extra days to be weaned off of the prescription drugs used during this process.
  • Sauna opiate detoxification uses daily sauna sessions as a way for the body to naturally cleanse itself of any opiates present. The drugs will leave the system through the pores of the skin and the person will feel physically cleansed and rejuvenated.

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Opiate detoxification is not a dreadful time like many people make it out to be. Of course, there are difficulties, but choosing a program ideal for you and your addiction to opiates will make your recovery go smoother and quicker. To learn more about our opiate detoxification programs, call now.

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