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What is an opiate addiction? An opiate addiction by the medical definition is the physical and mental dependence one obtains after repeated use of opiates. This addiction is one of the leading addiction problems today across the United States, and millions of Americans spend their daily lives looking for opiates or finding ways to obtain opiates.

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An opiate addiction takes hold of a person’s physical being and causes them to do things that are most of the time unimaginable. They steal from loved ones, sell themselves and their children through sexual pleasures to obtain income, sell their tangible belongings, and do just about anything you can think of to get the opiates that they need to feed their daily opiate addiction.

An opiate addict will lose teeth, hair, and obtain poor looking features just because of their lack of hygiene and the way the drugs cause their system to react. Other than their physical health and features diminishing, the mental state of an opiate addict will also fall short. Opiates are mentally damaging because of their genetic makeup. Today, many opiates are mixed with chemicals and products not meant to be consumed so that the high becomes longer or stronger. These chemicals and the natural opiates themselves, when consumed in large doses, cause mental slowing that can result in memory loss and mental dysfunction.

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You ask “What is an opiate addiction?” An opiate addiction is when a person no longer has control of their life due to their opiate drug intake. It’s that simple.

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