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Percodan is Aspirin and oxycodone hydrochloride combined together. It is usually used for moderate pain to severe pain depending on the severity of the pain and also how the person responds. Sometimes the doctor will have you to exceed your regular dose, that was recommended because the person is tolerant to the Percodan. This is often how addiction to prescription drugs begins for most users.


It can be given around the clock and is usually taken orally. The usual dose of the Percodan is one every 6 hours as needed for pain and the most should not be more than 12 pills. You should gradually taper off it so that you don’t have signs and symptoms of withdrawal. Some of the bad adverse reactions with it are apnea, depression, hypotension and shock. Non-serious reactions are dizziness, nausea, drowsiness or sedation.

Most of the time when you have surgery the Percodan is given for pain and discomfort. This is only for a temporary use of it. It could lead to addiction if it is taken long-term. The oxycodone in it causes a relaxing effect that could last for hours. The addiction is both physical and psychological. If you take it some side effects are shallow breathing, slow heartbeat, fast heart rate, confusion, feeling light-headed and fainting could occur. Don’t drink alcohol while you are on it, it can cause serious problems and you could even die. You don’t need to take other medications while you take Percodan if you do let your doctor know. You should also let your doctor know how long you have been taking it.

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If you or a loved one find yourself battling an addiction to Percodan or any prescription drugs, it is important you seek immediate help. There are rehabilitation centers offering addiction treatment around the country.

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