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Codeine Abuse

Choosing to use codeine while putting yourself and others at risk is known as codeine abuse. Millions of Americans suffer from it in their daily lives and because of this, hundreds of codeine abuse treatment centers have been opened throughout the country. When an individual struggle with codeine abuse, they become physically and mentally impaired. The side-effects can become deadly and if the problem is left untreated death is possible.

This Drug Can Ruin A Person’s Life

Codeine AbuseIf you were prescribed codeine for medical purposes or you choose to use codeine as recreational and you think that you may be suffering from codeine abuse, you should answer the following questions to best determine your situation.

Do you:

  • Find yourself using more codeine than recommended?
  • Doctor shop to obtain more codeine?
  • Use codeine while operating a vehicle?
  • Find yourself getting into trouble because of your codeine use?
  • Turn to codeine as a way to “have fun”?
  • Cause pain to others because of your codeine use?
  • Overdose, or come close to overdosing, on codeine?

If you notice any of the above behaviors, you are probably dealing with a strong codeine abuse situation. After you have assessed that you, in fact, have a codeine addiction, the next step will be to get help for your problem. There are hundreds of choices for recovery, but the best programs are codeine abuse programs that specialize in codeine abuse. Once you have entered treatment, go through the entire process and do not use codeine again to avoid a possible relapse. Just like a codeine addiction, the abuse of codeine needs to be treated as a medical condition under professional medical supervision.

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