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Codeine Detox

Codeine DetoxCodeine detox is the first stage that an individual will undergo whenever they enter into codeine rehabilitation. It is considered to be one of the most important stages in codeine rehabilitation because it allows the individual to rid their body of any toxins that are present in their system. This stage in codeine recovery is offered in several options so that people with all different preferences can get the treatment that they need to become sober from their codeine addiction.

Detox Is Very Helpful For Overcoming Codeine Addiction

There are three commonly chosen codeine detoxification programs that have very high success rates. These programs include holistic codeine, medicated codeine and sauna codeine detox.

Holistic codeine detoxification is a program that is modern and effective. Instead of giving the individual prescription chemical drugs, they will be given all-natural herbs and pain remedies to help them handle any minor side-effects that will occur when their bodies begin to extract the toxins. They also uses yoga, meditation and martial arts as a way for the individual to come in tune with themselves and the world around them.

Medicated codeine detox is much simpler approach to toxin removal. The recovering codeine addict will be given a daily dose of prescription medications in order for them to stop craving the codeine and focus on their recovery. They will eventually no longer rely on the codeine and will be able to begin further treatments.

Sauna codeine detox uses daily sauna treatments as a way for the body to naturally cleanse itself of the toxins present. The recovering codeine addict will remain inside of a sauna for several hours daily where they will be able to relax and have themselves physically cleansed.

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