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demerol Demerol is considered a Scheduled 11 controlled substance and has a very high addiction rate. It was originally used for people that were having muscle spasms; then when the analgesic potent was discovered, it was used as a prescription drug used to treat moderate to severe pain relief. Morphine is very similar to it, but it is not exactly the same.

Demerol is mostly used in obstetrics and post-operative conditions. The reason that the Demerol is used for the postoperative is because it stops chills and postoperative shivering. Usually, it is administered by injection or by IV and comes in liquid or tablet form. When Demerol is being abused it is usually snorted or injected and taken orally.


Most often Demerol is abused to the point of a possible overdose. If you feel you may have taken too much you need to contact you doctor immediately, because an overdose could be fatal. Symptoms of possible overdose, that you should pay attention to, are confusion, clammy skin, fainting, shallow breathing, slow heart rate, and drowsiness and muscle weakness. You should seek medical attention is any of these symptoms should arise and you have taken more than you should.

The Dangers

Do not drink alcohol with it, it is very dangerous and could even be fatal. Demerol can cause you not to think normally, so you need to try not to drive. Since it is highly addictive, you should never go up on the dose on your own. Some of the adverse reactions of the Demerol are headaches, weakness, hypertension, skin rashes, hallucinations, tachycardia, and disorientation. The biggest danger of taking it is respiratory depression.

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