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Prescription addiction is a steadily growing problem in America, not only for adults but it is also affecting many teens. Many people do not originally begin their prescription addiction by taking prescription pills in order to get high, they are prescribed by their physician for an ailment that they have at that time. After taking these medications some patients begin to enjoy the effect that the prescription medications give them and begin taking them more often than prescribed and this is when the prescription addiction begins.

Very Dangerous

Many common prescription medications that people become addicted to are painkillers such as Hydrocodone, Percocet, Lortab, and Valium or nerve medications such as Xanax. Some people also become addicted to weight loss medications such as Adipex and also ADD or ADHD medications such as Adderall.

There are many symptoms that go along with prescription addiction. A few symptoms:

  • Seeing several different doctors trying to get more medication
  • Complaining of vague symptoms in order to receive more medication
  • Mood swings
  • Using more of the medication than what is prescribed
  • Taking another person’s prescription medication

For More Information

Prescription addiction also has many side-effects. A few of those side-effects are anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, and what can sometimes be very severe, withdrawal symptoms when the drugs are withheld. It is becoming a large and dangerous problem. Many people with prescription addictions have overdosed on these prescription medications and have even died because of them. The best advice for anyone with a prescription addiction who wants to receive help is to enter themselves into an inpatient rehab facility to receive professional treatment.

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