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Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug AddictionPrescription drug addiction has taken over many people’s lives throughout America. Many of these users are teens who steal the drugs from parents and grandparents in order to use and sell at raves where these drugs are used as a tool to get high. Also, some teens use prescription drugs in order to stay up and party on weekends or study for exams.

Prescription Drug Addiction Ruins Lives

Most of the young people that abuse prescription drugs are not aware that they are harming themselves every time that they take a pill. These drugs are made to help you, but if abused or used for someone who does not need to take them they can cause serious mental problems that will follow you throughout your entire life. Some side effects of prescription drug addiction that are life altering include brain damage or memory loss, mental slowing, blood pressure increase, heart rate increase that can lead to heart attack, confusion, mood swings from the effects of the drugs, vision problems, hearing problems, and death if overdose or mixing of medication occurs.

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Prescription drug addiction in the United States is at an all-time high and millions of teens have fallen victim to the drugs and their effects. With prescription drug addiction hitting the younger generations, there will be problems in America’s future with how people function and the way America works. Thousands of jobs can come to a halt because of this addiction and in the future it will hurt the country as well as each individual that did not seek help. If you have a child who has an addiction to prescription drugs, contact your local addiction treatment center now. You do not have to let your child be a contributor to the devastating effects of what prescription drug addiction is doing to America.

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