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Prescription Drug Relapse

Prescription Drug RelapsePrescription drug relapse is a very dangerous and possible thing that can happen after prescription drug addiction treatment. If you or someone you love is recovering from a drug addiction, the need to use prescription medications for an injury or a illness can be a very scary and dangerous situation. You know that you need to take the medication for pain but you do not want to become addicted again. There are a lot of things that can trigger your addiction and long after you have been through a drug program you will be tempted to use drugs again because of your life events.

Rx Drug Relapse Is Preventable

When something occurs such as surgery, or illness, or even a minor injury that causes you to take a prescription drug for your pain, this can cause problems for your recovery efforts.

When you have completed your addiction treatment program it doesn’t mean that you can forget about their addiction, your addiction will be with you for the rest of your life. Prescription drug relapse prevention is all about looking for and paying attention to the warning signs. Most addicts will often think of using again before actually relapsing. Those thoughts should be confronted early and very aggressively.

There are some warning signs with a prescription drug relapse, some of these signs can be thinking about using drugs again and also the craving for drugs again. Others are depression and this can be so bad it may trigger a relapse.

Another sign is feeling trapped. This is when the addict feels there is no where that he or she can turn. Other signs are a sense of crisis and return to denial.

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