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Prescription Drug Side Effects

Prescription Drug Side EffectsPrescription drug side effects can be very dangerous and life threatening to any person abusing prescription drugs. Using prescription drugs is a large concern for people who are worried that they may suffer from long term effects. Prescription drugs do cause long term effects, especially if they are overused, or abused. Following the doctors’ orders helps with reducing the risk of possible long term effects due to prescription drugs, but there are still some short term effects that need to be taken into consideration before you begin using prescription drugs for any reason.

Rx Drug Side Effects Can Cause Life Threatening Problems

The first prescription drug side effects that an individual will begin to experience are the short term (common) effects. Of course, these effects vary depending on what drugs are being taken, but there is a basic list that usually occurs with all prescription drugs.

Several of these prescription drug side effects are:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting

Other than the common prescription drug side effects, are the adverse side effects of using prescription drugs. Ranging from long-term effects to relapse, these effects happen to a large majority of individuals who use prescription drugs and should always be considered when thinking of using any prescription drug in your everyday life.

Adverse prescription drug side effects include:

  • Skin problems (rashes, hives, and skin break outs)
  • Sores (due to itching welts or rashes)
  • Stomach problems (diarrhea, nausea)
  • Breathing problems (throat swelling)
  • Mental problems (confusion, forgetfulness, and inability to remember common information)
  • Respiratory problems (respiratory depression)
  • Mental and physical addiction (body becomes used to the drugs being present and without them the individual will go through withdrawal, therefore they continue use and form an addiction)
  • Heart problems (irregular heart beat)

All prescription drug side effects can become dangerous and possibly deadly. If you or someone you care for is thinking of using any prescription drug, educate yourself or your loved one of the prescription drug side effects and if you or your loved one has become addicted to their prescription drug medication, call now.

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