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When a person develops smoking and tobacco addiction, it is different than other addictions only in the fact that cigarettes are legal. Addiction to tobacco can have life-threatening consequences just as with drug addiction or alcoholism. Smoking and tobacco addiction is a big problem in the United States and all over the world.

Hazardous To Your Health

Smoking and Tobacco AddictionMany tobacco addicts will not notice how much tobacco they are consuming in every day life. When a person is addicted to tobacco, they will light up and smoke without even thinking about it and this can be a sign that they have an addiction to tobacco. Tobacco addiction many times will begin when a person is being curious or it sometimes may come from peer pressure, however, when someone uses tobacco it usually will begin without the intention of becoming addicted. When someone takes a draw of a cigarette they are taking a risk and may develop a smoking and tobacco addiction.

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Smoking and tobacco addiction can affect anyone from all ages, social status, genders, and financial standing. Many teenagers will smoke because they think it makes them look cool or they want to fit in with the crowd. All too often, this will start what may become a habit that will last a lifetime. Tobacco addiction can go from an occasional pass-time to a life-time habit that will eventually damage their health.

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