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Cognitive Treatment Program

Cognitive TreatmentCognitive treatment programs can be beneficial for many who suffer from addiction.  Originally it was being used to treat those that suffered from various mental disorders such as depression, phobias, and anxiety disorders, but has recently been found to effectively treat addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Cognitive treatment was developed around the idea that people’s behaviors and feelings are not influenced by people and situations, but, rather, by their own thoughts.  Therefore, if you can change the way a person thinks when confronted with a negative situation, you can change how they react and feel about the circumstances that they are faced with.

What is Cognitive Treatment?

Learning and understanding the thought processes and situations that lead to alcohol and drug use can help the addict in learning how to avoid a possible relapse.  The primary goal and focus of a cognitive treatment program is to provide coping skills and strategies to help in making addiction manageable.  It is a way of retraining the thought processes and behaviors that are associated with addiction so that when the person is confronted with stressful situations or circumstances, they learn how to cope without turning to their substance of choice.  Cognitive treatment teaches one to recognize, avoid, and cope.  They need to learn to recognize situations where they are more likely to drink or use drugs.  Learn how to avoid these situations if at all possible. Learn to cope with problems and situations in ways  other than substance abuse.

Although it is a short term treatment program that is done in a number of therapeutic sessions rather than over a number of years, it has proven to be rather effective and even more so when it is combined with other forms of treatment.  Many rehab facilities offer it as a part of a larger treatment program to help enhance the recovery and to help provide coping skills for a continued recovery.

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If you or a loved one need help for addiction or dependence to drugs and alcohol, a cognitive treatment program may prove to be an effective treatment method.  To get more information on available treatment programs and what programs may be right for you, please contact us.  We can help you find a cognitive treatment program that will aid in guiding you to a lifelong recovery.

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