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What is 12-Step Rehab?

12-step rehab is a recovery model created by Alcoholics Anonymous and has been around for over seven decades. It has been highly successful for many people. However, it does require acknowledgment of a higher power which causes some people to consider other treatment options. It also requires great dedication and commitment to get through all 12 steps, but trying though it may be, it’s also very practical. Each step layers a new action in a way that makes sense, helping a person not only get clean, but get equipped with the necessary tools to stay that way.

Step one involves releasing the denial, defensiveness, and victim mentality that often accompanies an addiction. Step two focuses on optimism and belief in a solution and the possibility of successful recovery. Step three deals with relinquishing the obsession with control, another phenomenon that often accompanies addiction. It’s about turning self-will over to a higher power. Step four greatly increases the recovering addict’s self-awareness and moral center, helping to put life in a different perspective. Ideally, this step would continue to develop throughout the entire recovery process and for many years thereafter.

Steps Five Through Seven of a 12-Step Rehab

Steps five through seven involve admitting shortcomings in detail to God, to ourselves, and to another human being, then humbly asking God to remove those character flaws. Steps eight through ten involve making amends to those hurt by the recovering addict in the past, plus continual awareness and prompt admittance of future wrongs done to others.

Steps 11 and 12 of a 12-Step Rehab

Steps 11 and 12 involve deeper commitment to and connection with God, in whatever form the recovering alcoholic regards God. These steps involve increased awareness of and commitment to God’s will, and spreading the 12-step message to other alcoholics while using the principles as a guide for individual behavior.

Many believe that 12-step rehab is a powerful and transformative model. It relies heavily on peer support and encouragement, camaraderie, individual counseling, group therapy, and self-discovery. Call now to speak with a counselor and learn more about 12-step rehab.

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