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Drug addiction rehab is here to help you with your addiction. This page provides descriptive information on drug addiction rehab. Drug addiction is a difficult disease to treat under the best of circumstances. Without family support, the addict has a very difficult time remaining clean and sober.

Drug Addiction RehabWhen a loved one enters a drug addiction rehab program, family sessions are usually offered, and frequently required. Drug addiction is called a family disease because the family often unknowingly helps support the addict’s ability to get drugs, protects the addict from feeling the consequences of their actions, and enables the addict to continue in their disease. An addict that returns home from treatment into a household that hasn’t dealt with their own enabling behaviors will almost certainly relapse. When an addict lacks the reinforcement of strong, healthy family support, remaining drug and alcohol free is almost impossible.

Drug Addiction Rehab Steps

What are some of the steps a family can take to help their loved one succeed in drug addiction rehab?

First, go to all the family group sessions and family therapy that the treatment center offers.

Second, go to  meetings at least three times a week. These meetings will help the family see their own enabling behaviors and learn how to change the ways they relate to the recovering addict.

Third, be honest with yourself and others as to how you have helped the addict continue their behavior. For instance, have you ‘loaned’ the addict money for food, car insurance, rent, etc.? If so, you have been supplying them with money for drugs. Any cash can be turned into drugs instantly. If you feel you need to pay insurance, rent, college tuition, then pay the institution directly. Don’t give the addict the money.

Fourth, learn to decide whose problem it is. Why do you need to pay for something that the recovering addict is doing? Are you assuming responsibilities that a person in drug addiction rehab should be handling themselves? Are you enabling the person to duck their own behavior by assuming that they aren’t capable of acting in a mature manner?

Fifth, try to learn at what age your addict began using any mind-altering chemicals because drugs stop or stunt emotional growth at that age. Remembering this will help you deal with your loved one on an age appropriate basis, and understand when they make less than adult decisions.

Sixth, learn to listen without criticizing. Recovering addicts need to express their feelings in order to heal. It is very important that the family be able to listen and respond in a loving manner so that the addict can continue to share their feelings that have been buried for a long time. Frequently, this need to talk comes in the middle of the night when the addict is struggling with temptations. Remember that loving a recovering addict is a marathon, and that this particular race has many hills and valleys with stumbles and exhaustion along the route. Be firm, loving, and supportive while you continue to learn and grow, and your addict recovers.

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