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What Can a Native American Drug Rehab Provide?

Many people seeking drug or alcohol treatment find themselves seeking something more within conventional 12-step programs. Although not limited to only Native American peoples, there are treatment facilities which focus on a combination of culture, spirituality, tradition, and healing…a Native American Rehab.

Many treatment models have begun to come into being due to a general backlash in the recovery community towards traditional programs and their diminishing success rates.

A Native American rehab program may completely focus on Native American spirituality, beliefs, culture, and practice, or it may be a traditional program that incorporates Native American treatment options.

Some common aspects found with Native American rehab programs include the following:

Sweat Lodges
Native American Culture
Generational Trauma
Talking Circles

In addition to the previous Native American recovery and sobriety methods, the Wellbriety Movement founded by the White Bison organization is one of the most rapidly growing Native American drug and alcohol rehabilitation movements.

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Essentially there are two type of programs that incorporate Native American rehab methods:

1) The first is a completely Native American rehabilitation program. Although not exclusive to Native Americans, the majority of clients found there have a cultural background within Native American tradition. These programs may incorporate a combination of therapy, cultural understanding, ceremony, and group therapy (talking circles).

2) The second type of Native American rehab program is a traditional or even non-traditional program that has a focus on Native American elements, but isn’t solely Native American in nature. A 12-step program that uses smudging and sweat lodges would be an example of this.

Although Native American treatment facilities are increasing in number, they are considered quite rare. Types of Native American treatment facilities include, but aren’t limited to the following:

Native American rehabs
Native American drug rehab centers
Native American detox
Wellbriety Movement
Native American alcohol treatment center
Native American center for substance abuse treatment
Native American drug addiction centers
Native American drug rehab centers
Native American drug rehab facilities
Native American drug rehabilitation center
Native American drug rehabs

Whereas traditional models of recovery permit a client to have his beliefs as “second” to his recovery, a Native American Drug Rehab facility can allow the Native American to have his culture, traditions, and faith as the most important aspect of his recovery.

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