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Should I Consider Non 12-Step Drug Rehab Treatment Options?

Non 12 Step Rehab SuccessThere is little argument that the 12-step rehab model dominates the world of drug and alcohol addiction rehab and recovery. In fact, it has been one of the leading models for over seven decades.  It was developed by the well-known Alcoholics Anonymous, and there are 12-step programs in cities across the United States. However, there are several reasons people look into non 12-step rehab options, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same and consider non 12-step treatment as well.

Acknowledgment Of A Higher Power Is Not Always Wanted

This is a stumbling block for atheists or agnostics. They may choose to research and visit non 12-step programs which have nothing whatsoever to do with religion or personal beliefs.  If someone does not believe that there is a higher power, they do not need the 12-step program which relies on a higher power to get you through.

Addiction Philosophy

An integral message of many 12-step programs is that addiction is a disease; it is uncontrollable, and must be fought every day for an entire lifetime. This could be a problem for those who consider addiction less of a disease and more the consequence of a series of bad choices. In a non 12-step drug rehab program, choices and decisions will likely be emphasized more, and lifelong participation in non 12-step rehabs will be much less encouraged.

Peer Groups

The 12-step model relies heavily on peer support and encouragement. While this heavy peer involvement is often considered one of the strengths, it can also be a downfall. Stories shared in rehab sometimes dwell on the past, on things done while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Dwelling on such things can be very discouraging, disconcerting, and even painful for those trying to move beyond their own hideous pasts. There is little control over who will appear at 12-step meetings from week to week. Regular attendance is strongly encouraged to avoid relapse, but there are those who appear only after an episode of backsliding. There are even people stuck in chronic relapse, seemingly addicted to the attention they may get at 12-step meetings.

Lifelong involvement

There is strong pressure to keep attending 12-step meetings throughout the rest of one’s life and to constantly refer to oneself as a recovering addict. Some people choose non 12-step rehab because they feel they’ve overcome the addiction, and that lifelong treatment is essentially dwelling on the past.

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