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Faith-Based Addiction Treatment

Faith-Based Addiction TreatmentFaith-based addiction treatment is the treatment of substance addiction with religious aspects incorporated throughout the treatment. Normal treatment programs and faith-based programs have the same outline. They both put the addict through detoxification and they both have a learning and growing process that the client has to go through. In faith-based rehab, the client goes through one-on-one counseling and group therapy just like any other addiction treatment program.

Many faith-based addiction treatment programs give the client the option of using prescription drugs while undergoing detoxification because some religions do not believe in the use of drugs for healing purposes. They believe that their higher power intended for them to feel all the pain that they are going through. Also, another difference between regular addiction treatment and faith-based addiction treatment is that when you enter into faith-based addiction treatment you will have daily sessions where you learn about your faith and how to grow in your faith while in treatment. If you enter into a regular treatment facility, you only learn about your physical addiction and what may have caused it. There is no reference to God or Christianity during treatment.

Learn To Grow Through Your Faith

Faith-based addiction treatment puts a person into the religious state of mind, and that helps them overcome their addiction for more than just themselves. They feel that they are quitting for their faith. Faith-based addiction treatment is the perfect place for someone who wants to change their spiritual state of being while learning about the addiction that took over their life and how to remain sober through faith once they are done with the treatment. It is more than just treatment and cleansing of the body; it is a total body makeover, mind, body, and spirit.

Let God Help You In This Time Of Need

In faith-based addiction treatment the individual attends prayer services, has bible study classes, and receives pastoral counseling. Faith-based treatment encourages a deeper relationship with God. The client relies on God to help them through their struggles while trying to become sober once again. Much can be gained when someone puts their faith in a higher power.

If you are struggling with addiction and want to have something to count on, consider faith-based addiction treatment to help you grow in every aspect of your life.

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