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Group and Individual Counseling

With all of the unresolved issues that are left behind by addiction, it is no big surprise that group and individual counseling is a very important stage of addiction treatment.  Therapy is the only true way that addiction and its underlying issues can be confronted.  To do this, therapy sessions are broken down into group and individual counseling sessions.

Group and Individual Counseling

Counseling Is Very Important to Recovery

Individual counseling sessions are private, one-on-one meetings with a counselor to explore the possible underlying causes of the addiction.  These sessions are used to help identify what the person’s triggers are that may result in a potential relapse.  In identifying these triggers, the therapist can then help provide tools and strategies that can help with decision making skills to help ensure a continued recovery.

Group counseling and therapy has proven to be an effective recovery tool in addiction treatment.  The importance of these sessions of group counseling cannot be stressed enough.  In these sessions, fellow addicts gather and discuss their recovery and various issues that they are experiencing.  Group counseling helps a recovering addict remember that they are not alone in their struggles while others offer support and ideas as to how to overcome obstacles and continue on the path to recovery.  Many of these group sessions have resulted in major breakthroughs in recovery and can give addicts people to talk to who have a true understanding of their struggles with recovery and treatment. Both group and individual counseling are important in the recovery process.

A Primary Asset to Addiction Treatment

Group and individual counseling is a primary asset to addiction treatment leading many to a successful recovery.  These sessions are a necessary part of learning how to understand the addiction and how to cope with it.  Some addiction treatment programs only address the issue of drug and alcohol use, without addressing the core problems of addiction.  Doing this only puts a band-aid on the problem and is usually only a temporary solution to the addiction problem.

Addiction is a devastating disease that destroys relationships, careers, and results in an unmanageable life that is full of chaos.  If you or a loved one are struggling with an ongoing battle with addiction, it is time to seek help and choose the path to a better life.  Our staff can help you find a treatment program that will not only treat the addiction itself, but also will help with treating the damage left behind by addiction.  Make the choice today to let us help you get on the path to a lifelong recovery. Call us for more information on group and individual counseling.

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