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Holistic Drug Rehabilitation

Holistic drug rehabilitation is defined as a facility that treats individuals for drug addiction but does so in a way that includes the individual asHolistic Drug Rehabilitation a whole. In other words, these centers believe that the client should be treated not only for their drug addiction, but also for any mental, physical, or emotional problems related or not related to the drug addiction.

What is Holistic Rehab?

Many people who are seeking alcohol or drug treatment often find that traditional forms of treatment either aren’t enough, or are too limiting. Considering that standard 12-step facilities have an inherent judeo-christian approach, a holistic rehab facility often provides a solution.

What is holistic rehab? Essentially there are many different types and variations, all of which classify themselves (whether right or wrong) as a Holistic Treatment Center. Being fully informed about the options is the first step in selecting a holistic drug or alcohol treatment solution.

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Holistic means “body, mind, and spirit” collectively addressed to enhance life or to handle a problem. Therefore, a “holistic rehab” is one that focuses on body, mind, and spirit to handle addiction. With that generic definition, many facilities include the word “holistic” as an approach, but might not be considered by everyone to be a truly holistic rehabilitation approach. In other words, any program could claim to be holistic in nature since every form of recovery does work on body, mind, and spirit.

The characteristics of a holistic rehab facility may include the following:

  • Refusal to Use Psychiatric Medications
  • Massage, Yoga, Sauna
  • Reiki or Energy Work
  • Journey Work
  • Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements
  • Buddhism or Other Eastern Philosophies
  • Guided Imagery or Meditation
  • Spiritual teachings such as Eckhart Tolle, The Secret, The Four Agreements, etc.

Types of Holistic Treatment Centers

However, even if a facility does not utilize any of the holistic treatments in the previous list, they may occasionally refer to themselves as a non-traditional or holistic drug rehab center. To make this more clear, let’s look at the following types of treatment centers that classify themselves as “holistic rehabs.”

1) The first type of holistic drug rehab is a program that has, as it’s core focus, the healing arts combined with eastern philosophy. Generally speaking, holistic beliefs do not necessarily agree with the disease model of addiction, nor accept 12-step philosophy of labeling oneself “an addict.” In other words, a treatment facility of this type works on the human being first, the addiction second. They usually will use a majority of the methods listed in our previous list.

2) The second type of holistic drug rehab is a traditional 12-step facility that adds an element of healing arts or eastern philosophy to their program. For example, they might follow the 12-steps but have a yoga instructor or massage therapy. There is some disagreement as to whether these holistic treatment facilities are truly holistic. But, again, with such a broad definition of holistic, in theory, almost any program could be classified as such. Clients seeking holistic rehab programs must be wary of marketing techniques that might falsely classify a program. The client that would be most effective within this treatment model would be someone who has a strong interest in standard 12-step programs, but also would be interested in an added element of holistic practices.

3) The third type of holistic drug rehabilitation program is a traditional program that doesn’t use any of the typical “holistic treatments,” but claims to be holistic simply because they do not use psychiatric medication.

Holistic RehabEssentially, any of the previous types of holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs might be ideal for a certain type of client, but asking the right questions is critical. When seeking a holistic rehab, ask their counselors exactly what it is that makes them a holistic drug rehab program.

Although not a complete list, some examples or classifications of programs that call themselves holistic include the following:

  • Holistic drug rehabs
  • Holistic drug rehab centers
  • Holistic detox (non-medicated)
  • Non-traditional alcohol treatment center
  • Holistic center for substance abuse treatment
  • Holistic drug addiction centers

A holistic rehab center that specializes in treating clients with drug or alcohol abuse problems using holistic methods can be a very effective approach for certain types of clients.

Is Holistic Rehabilitation Right For You?

Holistic drug rehabilitation centers also believe that the client should be treated and educated in a way that he or she is able to continue their life without being dependent on drugs. It is an excellent choice for someone who feels they have many different problems that need to be addressed other than simply their drug addiction.

In the last few years, holistic drug rehabilitation has continued to grow more rapidly. People are seeing a difference in using this rehabilitation versus the older type of drug rehabilitation. They are noticing that individuals are having a more successful recovery while using holistic drug rehabilitation. This is mostly because these rehabs focus on getting the client better in every way, not just focusing on the client’s addiction. This is helping individuals stay clean because many times an individual forms an addiction due to an underlying cause.

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With rehabilitation, the client learns what this underlying cause is, and the holistic drug rehabilitation program works on the underlying cause as well as the drug addiction. If this is done properly, the client usually is able to lead a drug-free life after leaving the holistic drug rehabilitation. Holistic rehabilitation has become a popular way of individuals recovering from their drug addictions. Because holistic drug rehabilitation focuses on the individual as a whole, not just focusing on the drug addiction, holistic rehabilitation has become very successful in helping individuals lead drug-free lives.

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