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Holistic Treatment for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Holistic TreatmentThe question of whether or not holistic treatment for drug or alcohol addiction would work for you or your loved one is not an easy one for many to answer. Before you brush off holistic rehab or immediately assume that it’s the most suitable form of treatment for you or someone you love, consider the pros and cons of seeking alternative treatment. The 4Rehabilitation placement counselors are standing by to help assess your individual situation and recommend a holistic treatment center if it’s suitable.

What is Holistic Rehabilitation?

According to the World Health Organization, as much as 65% to 80% of the global population trusts in alternative treatment for their health care needs. How a holistic drug rehab center treats its clients varies, but the core of alternative treatment is that it does not rely on chemically-based prescription medication to ease addicts off of their addictions. This may or may not involve the use of herbal supplements and, as far as the 4Rehabilitation recommendations go, are entirely run by trained professionals.

Alternative Rehab Options

The most common perception of alternative treatment is a residential facility, but there are outpatient programs in many areas too. Almost any word that you can use to describe traditional treatment can be used to describe some variety of alternative treatment. For example, you can find faith-based alternative treatment, and you can find alternative treatment completely oriented to youths. You can also find secular alternative treatment and adults-only groups. Call to learn more about alternative rehab options.

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

The most obvious benefit of opting for holistic treatment when it comes to addiction rehabilitation is that you or your loved one won’t be addicted to a new substance — prescription medication — and can leave the program completely addiction-free.

Other potential benefits include:

  • Increased overall health, from natural diet and exercise plan
  • A network of professional and peer support even after initial program completion
  • Holistic detox performed safely and naturally, relying on the body’s natural healing properties
  • The use of tools such as saunas and massages to help relax the body and purge it of addiction
  • A completely pro-healing environment devoid of distractions and temptation

Potential Drawbacks of Alternative Rehab

While many addicts find success in alternative treatment, it’s not for everyone. Some people, especially addicts with very long addiction history and other health complications, require prescription medications during withdrawal. In other instances, the nearest alternative center could be quite a distance from the addict, requiring temporary relocation — and not all addicts are suited for residential care. However, 4Rehabilitation recommends a vast variety of treatment options, both alternative and traditional.

Finding the Ideal Treatment Center

Whether or not you decide that holistic drug treatment or holistic alcohol treatment is right for you or your loved one — and even if you’ve yet to decide — don’t try to find the right program on your own. Turn to the 4Rehabilitation placement staff, as we recommend only the best in rehabilitation. Complete our contact form and we’ll help you determine whether or not holistic treatment is the way to go—and we’ll get you or your loved one placed as soon as possible.

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