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What are the Benefits of Holistic Drug Treatment Centers?

Holistic Drug Treatment CentersWhen it comes to the body of an addict, you’re dealing with months or even years of long-term chemical damage. Does the addict really want to continue the chemical-bombardment of the body by taking prescription medication to help wean their body off of drugs or alcohol? Many of the people who contact us at 4Rehabilitation have stated that no, they do not. What are the benefits of holistic drug treatment centers? Let the placement staff discuss the benefits of rehab at holistic treatment centers with you. Call or fill out the online contact form to get the help you’re seeking now.

The Disadvantage of Traditional Treatment

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration determined in 2009 that 23.5 million individuals qualified as drug or alcohol addicts. Of this amount, only 11.2%, about 2.1 million individuals, enrolled in professional rehab programs. Traditional treatment simply isn’t attracting addicts to seek help—and so more and more people need to know that there are alternative options out there. Holistic drug and alcohol treatment carries the benefit of being medication-free.

Benefiting from Alternative Rehab

Traditional methods of rehab tend to recommend prescription medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms many addicts experience after they quit drinking or doing drugs. However, oftentimes it’s simply the addict’s environment that makes it impossible for them to quit without prescriptions at home. Alternative treatment allows addicts to experience environments that are ideally suited for their recovery, with limited or zero distractions and temptations for them to keep drinking or taking drugs.

Life at the Holistic Treatment Center

At an alternative rehab program, you or your loved one can expect:

  • A focus on improving the overall health of the body
  • A support network of professionals as well as peers
  • Alternative methods of detoxification

The form of holistic detox the addict undergoes depends on the specific program, but you can rest assured that prescription medications are not involved. The goal of each alternative treatment program is to let the addict’s body return to its natural foreign-chemical-free-state without the use of foreign chemicals. That may mean using saunas, massages, acupuncture, herbal supplements, or possibly even just diet and exercise.

Starting Holistic Treatment

The one caveat with seeking out a holistic drug rehab center, if you’re not overly familiar with the world of alternative medicine yourself, is that you may find yourself the victim of a scam. All holistic drug treatment centers that we recommend at are fully certified where necessary and professionally staffed. Let the experts do their jobs! We’d love to match you or your loved one with a reliable, legitimate form of holistic rehab — at entirely no cost to you!

Your Most Trusted Rehab Resource

At 4Rehabilitation, we match addicts and their loved ones with rehabilitation programs every single day, but we can’t help you unless we know you’re out there! Reach out to us by phone or online and we’ll help you as quickly and as expertly as possible. And just so you know, holistic drug treatment centers are not the only options. After a free assessment, we can tell you the type of rehab that will work best for you or your loved one.

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