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Chronic Relapse and Drug Addiction

Chronic Relapse and Drug AddictionIf you know anything about drug addiction treatment or about recovery, you know that chronic relapse is often a part of the game. It is unfortunately something that you might have to deal with if you or a loved one are going through drug addiction treatment. No one wants to deal with chronic relapse and drug addiction, and it is not something that anyone ever plans on happening. Yet, it does sometimes happen.

Chronic relapse is the cycle that happens when a person completes a drug rehabilitation or treatment program, becomes clean and sober for an amount of time, then goes back to using. They will get help again, only to go through treatment, and again be clean and sober, before going back to using. Often, this happens many times, and it is very frustrating for the clients, the doctors, and the friends and family of the person with the addiction.

Chronic relapse happens to people dealing with drug addictions for many reasons. One of the main Drug Relapsereasons that chronic relapse might occur is that a person feels so comfortable with the treatment that they have gone through that they think they are completely healed. The person assumes that they can go right back to the same life they were living before the addiction started, and that they won’t have any problems maintaining their lives drug free. However, they fail to make any changes in their lives because they feel as if they don’t need to change anything.

Make Changes To Avoid Chronic Relapse

This is something that might lead to chronic relapse and another cycle of drug addiction because when someone has drug addiction problems there is more to their problem than simply just the drugs. There is always something that lies at the root of their problems. Even if they are finished using the drugs, whatever is at the root of the problem might still be there. When this happens, a person who goes back to their lives might go right back to using again. In order to avoid this, a person needs to work hard during treatment to come to solid conclusions about the things that have led them down the road to drug addiction. If they can make some serious decisions as to what has brought them that far, they will be able to know what things in their lives they should change after treatment. Making good changes after treatment, and changing certain things about their lives as they head into recovery will ensure that they can avoid chronic relapse and drug addiction.

A Person Must Have Support Of Family And Friends

Another contributing factor to chronic relapse is the lack of support of a person’s family and friends. If a person does not have the support of their family and friends, either while they are in treatment or when they are finished with their course of treatment, they are not going to be able to make a full recovery. Drug addiction recovery requires that a person has a support group so that they can come away from the addiction and maintain their sobriety. If a person does not educate their family and friends about their addictions and about their needs, it is much more likely that they are going to have a problem with chronic relapse because they do not have the kind of support system that will help them be free and clear of their addiction.

With proper changes made to their lives, a good course of drug addiction treatment, and supportive family and friends, people who are dealing with drug addictions can make a full recovery, and they can do their best to avoid chronic relapse and drug addiction. Chronic relapse is a scary thing, but it does not have to happen to everyone.

Relapse Prevention and Chronic Relapse

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