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Relapse Prevention and Chronic Relapse

Relapse Prevention and Chronic RelapseRelapse prevention and chronic relapse are described here. Relapse is the symptom of an ineffective drug rehab treatment program. Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a lifetime process. Successful treatment will address the underlying causes of the addiction and ensure the addict has the skills and tools they need to resist future abuse.  If a client has not learned the skills and does not have the tools they need when leaving a rehabilitation facility, they are in grave danger of relapsing and turning back to the substance of abuse.

There are many scenarios where a recovered addict may start back using alcohol or drugs.  If they have not been taught correctly, they may think they can use the alcohol or drug in moderation once they are clean.  This could not be further from the truth.  There is no need for them to put themselves in the position of being tempted with drug or alcohol use.  They should not associate with old friends who are still using and they should not go to old hangouts which tempt them to use again. They should find new friends and new places to go that do not involve drug or alcohol use.

Drug rehab facilities which include aftercare programs have been proven to be very successful in preventing relapse.  Just because the client is ready to leave the facility does not mean that they will not have to worry about using again.

Chronic Relapse and Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has a powerful hold physically and mentally on an individual. Even years after treatment, an individual can experience cravings for the substance.  Without the skills and tools to resist this temptation, the addict can relapse back into the addiction.  They must be able to identify their triggers and ask for help if they feel themselves sliding backwards.  There is nothing wrong with asking for more help.  Things happen that may cause a recovered addict to be tempted to use again. Even with effective treatment, an addict can relapse and be pulled back into an addiction.

Contributors of Chronic Relapse

There are common contributors to chronic relapse that an individual can learn to recognize and have coping mechanisms in place.  Addiction treatment programs should include ways to prevent chronic relapse within their programs. Many times relapse can be avoided with the proper direction and fortitude.

How to Recover From Drug Addiction and Prevent Chronic Relapse

There are different stages of drug addiction recovery. Many happen at the beginning of treatment, detox, withdrawal, and abstinence. In many ways drug addiction recovery is a lifelong journey; preventing chronic relapse is the maintained portion of the addiction recovery. This never ends; it is a project the recovering addict will have for life.

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